It was told by an angel,

He would be called Emmanuel

Conceived of the Holy Spirit

Born as the Son of God…


Mary a precious virgin

Joseph a fortunate fellow,

Being used by God,

To bring the wonderful Saviour


As an everlasting Father

Something was missing-

Eternal life of course…

He brought out from heaven

So the Master can find

His kind, when He comes back.


Guesswho is born

The clues are simple,

Point Him to your situation

And it will reference His authority.


He came so we can come,

Was crucified;

And called it proposal…

He paid His bride price;

We called it salvation,

So as to release a revelation

That sinks into every nation.


Guess who is born-

His best men came from heaven

Remember Moses and Elijah;

While He was yet praying-

Or you’ve forgotten at the wedding

Goodness and Mercy;

Your bride’s maid; who will always follow you!

And were in attendance…

If you can remember, or are just realizing-


Revelation says “He’s coming for His bride”,

Remember the criterion to heaven, is a Yes to Jesus;

An acceptance to that proposal, you called crucifixion!!!

For, for that reason, He actually came!!!


Guess who is born-

He’s the creator,

 I AM that I AM,

 Son of the living God,

The soon coming KING…


When was He born???

Actually, He is being born…

No time passes, without His birth.

But who then is being born???


He’s the one that:

Can be born,

Will be born,

Oh! Has been born;

In You, in Me, in all of Us…


If you knew, you wouldn’t think

If you don’t think; you didn’t guess,

Because you actually know,

I know Jesus-

I know He’s born

I pray He’s born in your heart today

Merry Christmas!!!

By:Olabode Oluwatosin

Strictly simple from Tosin- SST-

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