Dear God, Am Sorry

from lteers to God movie
from letters to God movie

I have being lonely, not because am alone, but because I have ignored your presence. I have lived life unaccounted for; simply because I say in my heart, there is no God and so won’t give account to anyone. When the good things happen, I seem not to notice You, but when the so called bad things happen, am quick to say you shouldn’t have allowed it to happen. Someone told me about You, and I began following You up; asking for your help, praying for protection, requesting for provision but always seem to forget the giving back acknowledgement part; mostly because I think It is my right to have good health, both parents alive and be strong enough, to take care of me and my family, so I didn’t think it necessary to say thank You, since it’s my work and not Your grace. Even when it’s Your grace, it’s still because I deserve it…
My words may not bring out a powerful literature presentation, but am grateful, You understand my heart and truly know- for the first time, I totally and absolutely appreciate Your authority and reference Your supremacy.
Lord sorry…today, I pursed my existence (forgetting about me, my ego…) to notice all around me, they people and things you have put in place to stand as teachers in my life (what really matters). Am not quick to forget those that are like the way I was(unsaved), those I call colleagues presently in this race( Christians), those whom I look upon only as guideline to knowing You (Your messengers ), I recognize that little boy with cancer who though died at the age of 9, lived a life that even if judging from a worldly standard, a hundred and twenty year old person can’t understand; a child whose faith needed no mouth but was the most spoken faith I had ever seen. He taught me, it’s not how much you know and say about God to people ,but about how much people affirm your life to have spoken that really counts to them and those around them. I learnt that once you know the truth, you shouldn’t hesitate, for only the truth that you know will set you free. I have known You today (certainly the Truth) and I am not afraid to let the world know this, thanks for setting me free, thanks for everything.
Tosin Olabode.
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