If you can doubt and
will always ask,
Or you know and
will gladly tell…
If you have known
so others can know,
Or will know
so others can know…
If you are wrong and
would acknowledge it,
Or are right, and
wouldn’t frustrate it…
If you can fear but
would give faith a chance,
Or you worry and
can let Prayer know…
If you can give and
wouldn’t brag about it,
Or can receive and
would be appreciative of it…
If you are beautiful;
because of who you are,
not just who you have become
i mean-
and you know it,
Or you truly have a heart
i mean-
and can allow your conscience speak…
If you can love,
knowing it won’t be returned,
Or would never hate
knowing, only excuses make you to…
If I am me,
simply because I accept it,
Or you can be you
simply because I can accept it…
Then- which is of utmost importance,
you will be called
the son of God
“Blessed are the peacemakers,
For they shall be called
Sons of God”(matthew 5:9)…

If you have been in existence
Or are just realising
Then,you should give Peace a chance.
By: Olabode oluwatosin

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