Is Our Worship Pleasing to God?

Friends I am hearing some wonderful Messianic Worship Music as I type. I feel a bit of the sadness of our Father for many hearts are closed and many lips will not sing praises to Him. The Body of Christ is often silent and some worship only at Church or with others. We fail to spend time individually with God and give Him pleasure from our hearts and lips. If we do, it is often for our pleasure, it is for us to get a high, for when we praise Him, we are lifted from our trials.
Will we sing and praise His Holy Name if there was no benefit to us and it was only to honour and glorify Him? I am not sure if I can say “Yes at all times”. If I had to think deeply and answer to God, could I even say a “Yes?” What would your response be to Him?
I hear the Spirit of God impressing me with the following words:
“Children I see you all with a selfish heart, you do things because there is a benefit to you. I am not your first reason to praise and honour Me. My Church does it often to attract a crowd. They prize themselves on their Worship Ministry. Their singers often glorify themselves with their talents. I do not see humility or holiness in times of worship but a lot of noise and clapping. Yes, you do it to often excite yourselves. I stand by refusing to partake in your feasts, for they are not with the right intention. I see past through the hearts of all mankind. Look into your hearts the next time you worship Me and see the purpose behind it. That will be your answer to your worship and you will know if I accept or reject it”
“Dear Father, forgive us for our selfishness and for dishonouring You. Yes Lord, we have erred against You and grieved Your Holy Spirit. We ask You to purify us from within and without and help us to honour You as we should. Thank You for correcting us of our follies and have mercy on us O God.”
By: Faith C  
4/01/2012 / Worship
Article Source: WRITERS

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