The Following Jesus Principle…

Think About This…

why would you want to be like someone that wants to be like someone? For instance why would you want to be like your pastor who is trying his best to be like Jesus?
Olabode oluwatosin

Hmmmmm,let’s go back a bit for better understanding of the above statement…

Searching from Genesis through Revelations, no were in Scriptures did God say we should look or behave like someone else other than Himself. it amazes me to see how someone can know God so much that he begins to see His image(God’s image)in someone else and not himself-( check the mirror again- hey,I didn’t say so,Genesis 1:26a

“Then God said,Let us make man in our image,according to our likeness…

And Genesis 1:27a

“So God created man in His own image…”


Enoch was so great in God he didn’t die…(Hebrews 11:5)

Moses was so great in God he died…(Deuteronomy 34:5).

This are totally DIFFERENT people the Bible records as great men of God because they understood whose image they were made in!!!

So therefore, Why do you behave like your mentor when you can behave like Christ. Remember the foundation of this message is that you are a Christian(or will become one). Christianity is been Christ-like ( not been like someone who behaves like-Christ). Now I Speak Relatively here

“there is nothing wrong in respecting the people God has put before you and them guiding you BUT no were in Scripture are you asked to copy them.
(Keep reading,the picture is becoming clearer now…)

“Jesus didn’t come to copybut to be Copied”
Olabode oluwatosin

so therefore,

Why say YES TO JESUS(accept Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour) and still copy people WHO Themselves also said YES TO JESUS ? (Acts 11:26)

“…and they people were called Christians because they behaved like-Christ

Not because they Behaved like one another…

Listen to me;it will only be reasonable to change your Religious foundation and your Relationship status because if you are Called a Christian, its only because you behave like-Christ not like the person that made you a christian(actually the person that God used to tell you about Christianity: about Himself)


(NOTE: this is just one of many examples…)

When I grow up, I want to be like X-musician,I want to sing like X-musician…God didn’t create you to come and be someone’s carbon copy, what I remember hearing was…

(let us make man in our Own Image, in the Image of God). if God wants You to sing like X-musician, wouldn’t He have created you as that person or better still in the image of that person…(Remember, when you copy someone, you can only be Second Best to that person) is that truly what you want?(that’s why in Christ its different;

…It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me…(Galatians 2:20) meaning the Original copy is in you,thus making you first best(if there is any phase like that, but sure you get the point;that you are Original not some carbon copy somewhere) God wants you to:

Sing like Him…

Pray like Him…

And do what you do like Him… That’s why He created You as You in His image…

Stop copying people and find God’s divine purpose for You,that thing specifically for you,just like Enoch and Moses did.

Listen again…God placed people in front of you not to replace Him but to stand as a guideline to reaching Him.

Here’s a reasonable question…
if everybody copied you, who will be like God???(You might say,its ok to copy you because you behave like-Christ)…

Then here is another question
Are you perfect???(Certainly not!)
So why would you want people to copy an imperfect being to become perfect???

That’s why Jesus said “follow ME and I will make you Fishers of men(meaning perfect)Matthew 4:19…

“Therefore,you shall be perfect,just as YOUR FATHER in heaven is perfect…” Matthew 5:48

None of the above verses said “be like an imperfect been so you can be perfect… In fact,common sense will make you reason that:

when you have access to a perfect being to become perfect, why would you choose to follow an imperfect being?. In order to be perfect, you need a perfect being! Follow (or copy) Jesus not any man to become a perfect being…


Genesis 6:9…

“…Noah was a just man PERFECT in his generation. Noah walked with God.

Noah was a perfect man in his generation because he walked with God!

Again,you need people(or else God wouldn’t have created them):

To stand as a guideline…

And to teach and direct you,amongst others…(This people are most important in your christian growth so as to show you the correct Scriptural steps to Jesus. So you MUST learn from them)but when it comes to copying,copy the Jesus,they speak of- not them..

The only way you can do this is with a Personal Relationship With God..That’s what they have in the first place!!! and it is what you can also have!!! This is the Beauty of Jesus and also of christianity, so therefore, copy(follow) Jesus and be the true Christ-like (christian) person you are meant to be…

(If you have read through this and you have never received Christ as your Lord and personal Saviour,it means all that is said above isn’t you because you have not yet channelled yourself towards God’s people let alone God,but here’s the good news, you can today,John 1:12 says…

Buts as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name :

You can today,so all God has spoken concerning you can be delivered to you directly from His word to YOU…that perfection and satisfaction your looking for, can only come directly from Him.

(leave a comment here if you would want to do so…i.e receive Him or you can send a mail to us(our mail address can be found in the ABOUT PAGE), so we can help you in the process of this new and wonderful decision that will change your life FOREVER)

If you have received Him(Christ Jesus),Then let people see your life and: know you COPY JESUS,and know you FOLLOW JESUS so they can also do the same!!!

BY: Olabode Oluwatosin

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