My Understanding Of Life!!!


Everybody is Serious,Everybody is quiet!
Everybody is focused,wait;they are the Focus…
Everybody loves life,she seems to love them too.

Am complaining,she seems to think am ugly.
what makes one beautiful?
She seems to be the reflection of who I am…
Life’s ugly when am ugly,
Life’s beautiful when am beautiful!

Everyone is different,life looks different,
Am happy;am in the right life,
Am sad;am living someone’s life,
Life,she’s perfect,am perfect in my own way,
Someone’s life,she’s perfect,but, she’s not my life.

Its said,
“Life is like a car travelling on a long journey,you meet a lot of people,you see a lot of things until your fuel runs out”

Am a life,she’s on a journey,
What are we looking for?
Just how much fuel do we have left?
Is the fuel coupled with us finishing my task?
Or it finishes any ways?

Live your life as a Revolution,
Not a process of Evolution
It’s said
“The more you live,
The more you learn”
For me its more like,
What are you living for?
What are you learning from?

Everybody knows the life,right?
How many, are living the life?
Thought so too…

Look around you
Life is a story told by different faces,
Everybody sees life as the let her see them…


What Is Life?

Life is what GOD INHALED into us.

What Are We To Do With Life?

EXHALE what GOD INHALED into us.


Because it is the essence of our existence


By following the guidelines He gave us


The Bible -Basic

Only then ,can you know the Procedure to live Life

For A Fact,

There is no question that will be asked about LIFE, that was not answered 2,000years ago!


Since LIFE was given to us by God,when ever we are not in Christ,we are SIGNING a legal right for the devil to take over,LET’s BE CAREFUL THE KIND OF LIFE WE LIVE…

I hear someone saying “no wander my life is bad…”


When LIFE treats you bad,tell her, you’ve got manners!

You are one of a kind,
Designed to glorify God as only you can…
That’s why your life is yours,
So,therefore, live it to the glory of God!!!


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