NOTE: This article is based on the FACT that if Jesus didn’t forget you while you were still a sinner OR hasn’t forgotten you even though your still a sinner,then…you also shouldn’t .

Just watched a video of a ministry,a christian ministry that went to the prison to introduce Jesus to the prisoners. These were people the world had neglected,people had written them off(maybe you and i),and no good was expected to come out of them;old they were,young they were,black and white,you could find them all present,present in this final destination,where they thought Jesus wouldn’t find them.

John 3:17a

“For God did not send His Son into the world to CONDEMN the world…”
This are people the world have condemned,not only those in prison but every sinner(anybody not saved) the so called “Religious christians” have Condemned, Remember:
John 8:1-11

“… Woman,where are those accusers of yours?Has no one CONDEMNED you?
She said”no one,LORD”
And Jesus said to her”neither do I CONDEMN you;go and sin no more…”
You see,it is very clear even from the beginning,the BASIC reason Jesus came is so;
John 3:17b

“…That, the world through Him might be saved”.
Jesus came to Save “Sinners”, but how is this possible(people been saved,I mean),when those who know the Word instead of Preaching it, are CONDEMNING them(sinners)? Don’t forget;
John 8:7b

“… He who is without sin among you,let him throw a stone…”

Romans 5:8

“But God demonstrated His love toward us, in that,while we were STILL sinners,Christ died for us”!
God loved us all WHILE WE WERE YET SINNERS,so why do we Condemn those THAT ARE STILL LIKE THE WAY WE WERE ? when God’s basic desire is for us to make “all men come to the Knowledge of Him and be saved”(1st Timothy 2:4, paraphrase).
As I watched the video,I felt it in my spirit,that there was a need to pen this down, because a lot of people(“christians inclusive”),are beginning to forget their mission and the essence of why they are called so.
The Bible which is God’s word tells us to preach the word with respect to this topic by:
2nd Timothy 4:1-5

“…Convince,rebuke,exhort,with all long-suffering and teaching…”
No were in Scriptures did God ask us to condemn anyone(“Therefore judge nothing before the time,until the LORD comes…” 1st corinthians 4:5),that does not mean you shouldn’t exercise 2nd Timothy 4:2 as seen above.
Here is a Reasonable Question you should be asking yourself;if God didn’t come to condemn sinners,why should I?

This Message Is For Two Sets Of People:

If you are still not saved(you haven’t said Yes to Jesus),I want you to know that God loves you and wants to call you His son/daughter!! Its the devil’s plan to make you feel God doesn’t love you;He does! So much He died for you(john 3:16).He died, so today you can say “yes to Jesus”.Decide to say Yes to Jesus today so God’s love can overflow in your life,so you can fully understand this love He has for you!!!


If you have said Yes to Jesus and you are still doing what Christ wouldn’t do,then this message is for you!(STOP CONDEMNING PEOPLE and start showing them the love the Father has put in you). Convince,even rebuke them when necessary so the name of the Father can be glorified in them!!!
Remember, your total understanding of Christ as a christian(someone in a relationship with Christ),will make you,through love,lead the First set of people to Christ!!!

Now based on the parable of the lost sheep(Luke 15:1-7),heaven is waiting on YOU to throw the biggest party it has ever seen(Luke 15:7),just by either :
-You been the First person and Accepting Christ Jesus as your personal LORD and Saviour.
-Been the Second person and re dedicating your life to Christ Jesus and leading someone to Christ!!!

As for Me;I have said Yes to Jesus! And it is His Grace(definitely not mine)that has helped me be able to not CONDEMN but CORRECT PEOPLE!!!now that’s a true story!!!

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  1. Dis is realy lyf changing…God Help us all & may His GRACE continue 2 abound with us…

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