Hey Guys, God has a BBM!!! here is His Pin; BIBLE247,
His subscription lasts a life time, He is the hottest and coolest Person to chat with!
He always has something to say, He’s never dry and He’s always ready to hear your heart speak…
He’s hot cake yet not proud, to all, His pin has been given, those that love him and those that don’t…
He’s open to all schools of thought, even if the reason you picked up his pin is to tell Him you don’t love Him…
He’s ready to listen, remember He also has a reason for loving you and He wants you to know you were created to be loved by Him, He’s dying to let you know this, you were created to love Him.
His Display Picture is Definite Salvation He brought for you…
He does not have privacy policies, once you get his pin you can directly communicate with great contacts like GOD, JESUS and the HOLY SPIRIT, it even gets better, you can do a group chat with all of His contacts including the TRINITY all at once!!!
-I need God’s BBM; Basic Bible Messages,
-I need to know God’s PIN; Personal Intimate Nature,
-I need God’s BlackBerry; Bible Languages All Continents Keep! Because Emmanuel’s Righteousness Reaches You…
-All these can only be found in God’s WORD, The BIBLE; Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth.
By Olabode Oluwatosin

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7 Thoughts to “GOD's BLACKBERRY!!!”

  1. Tom David Doro

    this is a wonderful piece of literature.keep up with it and the world will be resounding your name.

    1. Amen! All glory to God!I pray He uses me for His glory through this site!thanks…

  2. Ola Bayode

    I love this Tosin keep it up.

    1. Sure, would do!thanks and remain blessed!

  3. olushola olaolu

    guy,this is indeed GOD at work in ur life. keep it up.

    1. Word bro! Thanks a lot…will certainly do

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