In a forest that has No one in it,when a tree falls, does the sound still come out?The sound can’t be heard if nobody is present(no ear to hear it),but does that mean the tree didn’t actually sound?that does not mean the sound does not exist, but that sound has lost its essence with the absence of a person and so is not heard!
The gospel is ONLY good news when it gets to people. Naturally the gospel is good news but what’s the use if NOBODY knows about it? The essence of it been a good news would have been lost. Just like for the sound of a tree that fell to be heard,the presence of a person is required so also it is with the GOSPEL,for it to be the good news it is, people will have to hear it or else…
The reason you know is so others can know,just like the reason your blessed is so you can be a blessing to others!Thus the Birth of this blog. This blog is focused on HIDDEN TRUTHS(hidden because you do not already know,at least not this way!)
I intend to share on this blog the truths as the come to me and as I find them. This would be in the form of Poems!Quotes!Stories! E.T.C… As long as the Bible can reference the fact to the glory of God, then it shall be told!As myself once said”Any Christian that cannot base what he says or does in scriptures is No Christian”!!!
By : Olabode Oluwatosin

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  2. Thanks a lot,i really appreciate the comment and i pray more of this will come by His grace….Hope to hear more from you.cheers

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